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Asteroids Inc.

Asteroids Inc. is a free arcade style space shooter game programed using HTML5 and JavaScript. The game is completly free to play and only requires an updated browser.

Story: The year is 2417 and all of earths resources have been exhausted. Mankind is now looking skyward to meet their needs. The asteroid belt offers an ample supply of the needed resources as well as great wealth to any who successfully extract them. Current mining methods are very crude. Typically a small spacecraft armed with military weapons will blast apart the rock and navigate the debris collecting the exposed goods. The enterprise is perilous, yet despite the great risks many are drawn by their chance at limitless prosperity.

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This game utilizes the HTML5 canvas & audio objects which require that your browser is updated to the most recent version. Supported Browsers include: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Please update your browser then try loading the game again.