About Asteroids Inc

Asteroids Inc. is a free HTML5 arcade game. The game play is that of a side scrolling space shooter. There are no actual enemies in the game except all those pesky asteroids and your own greed. Destroy the asteroids and then collect the resources left behind to buy various upgrades to your ship and weaponry. The game features retro style graphics and an attempt was made to recreate a vintage HTML5 arcade game feel reminiscent of the 16 bit era.

This game is programmed entirely in JavaScript with a little PHP to submit and retrieve the scores from a mySQL database. The game utilizes the HTML5 canvas and audio objects and should run in all the major browsers so long as they are updated. All programing was done by a novice indie programmer (me) with the aid of forums/blogs/websites/google. Please report any bugs you find here. For more information send me a message or visit my blog at Infobrink.com.

Due to a lack of significant artistic talent as well as a love for 16 bit era side scrollers I attempted to create a game with a vintage HTML5 arcade feel to it. Most of the artwork was done by me in photoshop using the help of some asteroids images from NASA. The explosion animation however was not done by me and was taken from here. The font used in the game and on this website is called Visitor by Brian Kent and was converted here. The preloading .gif was created and downloaded from ajaxload.info.

     3rd Party Scripts/Libraries
Although I Initially tried/evaluated/worked with/couldn't figure out several 3rd party libraries/scripts the only one I actually ended up using was for the submit score pop up box and can be found here. Code was minified and Obfuscated here.

     Special Thanks
Special thanks to all those out there who spend their time responding to questions on forums and creating useful blogs/websites. Unfortunately I can not give credit to all the sites I utilized or spinets of code I used, but your help is appreciated. I really didn't know how to do any of this and it was only possible because I could find the answers I needed on Google.
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